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Alli Ferguson: My 3 Powerful Secrets to Creating Lasting Happiness

My 3 Alli Ferguson happiness for a lifetime yoogozi

For far too many of us, happiness seems elusive and we’ve learned to simply accept the dull, ho-hum existence of just getting by. These are the 3 principles that I’ve found are the most powerful to lay the foundation on which to build a monument of happiness for a lifetime. Defining Happiness “Happiness” is that […]

Stop Pouting. Take Action. Be Happy!

Stop Pouting Take Action Be Happy yoogozi article

Do you have prickly, grouchy people in your life? If you aren’t able to quickly identify folks like that in your life…are you, perhaps, one of them?  Hey, I admit it. I’m a recovering grumpy puff…and I fall off the wagon once in a while and revert back to my old ways. Seriously, I’m sure […]

How To Get Key Stakeholders to Support Your Goals & Dreams

How To Get Key Stakeholders to Support Your Goals & Dreams

Actively pursuing our goals, pushing the envelope, and driving towards expansion are TOUGH in any environment, and often takes an “all hands on deck” approach to do so effectively. I recently had the opportunity to speak on this topic to 800+ southern California CEOs and executives. Here are three considerations I discussed about growth, goals […]

Inspirational Video: Finding Happiness in Breakfast, Lunch & Hugs

Inspirational Video Finding Happiness in Breakfast Lunch Hugs

When was the last time you were so happy to go to work that you did a dance-off in the parking lot? I love this story about restaurateur Tim Harris, who’s got his priorities straight when it comes to serving others. Sure, he serves up great secondary food in the form of breakfast and lunch […]

Five Top Tips for Leading Team Members to Success

Okay, so you’ve completed an exhaustive search for key team members, and you’re ready to take on the big boys in your industry. You’ve got top players in their area of expertise. Don’t get ahead of yourself though, now the hard work begins. It’s not enough to just hire the right players; you need to […]

Leaders are Readers

Leaders are Readers 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Pic John Maxwell

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Follow them and People Will Follow You, by John C. Maxwell The one thing you need to know about leadership is that there are 21 things you need to know about leadership! Leaders are Readers So says John C. Maxwell, one of America’s most prolific business thought leaders over […]

The 5 Physical Ailments of Success

Entrepreneurs and high achievers are strange and wonderful creatures: equal parts pioneer, clairvoyant, rebel, warrior, superhero, and nut job. Fueled by buckets of high-octane caffeine drinks, we seem to share a common gene with the Energizer Bunny, functioning on little sleep, bad food, and limited amounts of water. Creating, building, launching, and pursuing our dreams […]