Stop Pouting. Take Action. Be Happy!

Do you have prickly, grouchy people in your life?

Stop Pouting Take Action Be Happy yoogozi article

If you aren’t able to quickly identify folks like that in your life…are you, perhaps, one of them?  Hey, I admit it. I’m a recovering grumpy puff…and I fall off the wagon once in a while and revert back to my old ways.

Seriously, I’m sure you encounter these prickly people from time-to-time. Do you enjoy having these folks in your life or on your team?  OK, how about those bright, sunshiny people?  Don’t you find it’s so much easier to be around people who are upbeat and happy?  Happy people make the workplace more productive, and they bring more joy to the home.  Time seems to fly by more quickly when we’re around them.  Most have come to accept that happiness and a positive attitude is better for our mental and physical health.

Hey, we get it…it’s not always easy to choose happiness.  Some folks have been brainwashed that they don’t deserve to be happy. I want you to hear this: That’s a load of bull!

Then, sometimes it just feels good not to work so hard, and to wallow in bitterness, self-pity and resentment for a bit.  But don’t hang out there too long…it feels so much better on the lighter side. Like just about anything that we have to work at, it gets easier over time to choose happiness over bitterness.

Stop pouting. Take action. Be happy.

What’s your experience with choosing happiness over the alternative. Do you have dower, negative people in your life? How’s that working out for you, your team, and the collective morale? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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