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8 Types of People Who Will Assassinate Your Success

When you find the courage to surround yourself with the right people, including those who are bolder and brighter than you, you’ll find that you’re much more likely to succeed than not. While it’s true that as the entrepreneur you’re the prime mover and shaker, you’re far from the only person who has influence in […]

10 Simple Steps to Regain Your Self-Confidence Now

You may not know this, but most people experience a lack of self-confidence at some point in their lives. This is particularly true among leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-achievers. This occurs for a variety of reasons, and to varying levels for different people. Regardless of why you are experiencing a lack of self-confidence, or what level […]

Thinking Errors That Make You REALLY Unhappy

Our brains and our own thoughts about ourselves and what’s going on around us are powerful tools for both good and bad. Even if you don’t realize it, you may make thinking errors that cause you to be really unhappy. Such cognitive distortions don’t reflect reality. They stem from insecurity and a skewed perspective.

Are Your Mornings hurting or helping You?

Every morning, the sun rises in the east and illuminates a new day. The world begins anew…and so do you! Given that gentle reminder, what have you been doing with your mornings (your first opportunity every day to make a difference)?

Keith Baldwin: My 3 favorite tips for building strengths based teams

Keith Baldwin My 3 favorite tips for building strengths based teams

The world’s best managers learn how to identify and bring out the unique strengths of each team member and then focus the collective strengths of their team towards business goals. Entrepreneurs often tell me that a strengths-based approach seems soft. It’s not. It takes an investment in time and energy to help team members see, […]

3 tips on how to lose weight or accomplish anything

Kevin Quinlan is a friend of my business partner, Dave Braun, and knows how to lose weight. He’s gone from 250 pounds to 159 pounds the healthy way. We can all learn from his methods which apply to not only weight loss, but to accomplishing anything in life ~ Larry. Throughout my life, I had […]

The 5 Leadership Keys to Personal & Organizational Growth

5 Leadership Keys to Personal & Organizational Growth larry broughton yoogozi

How do you get family, team members, and key stakeholders to buy-in to your dream of growth and expansion? Business, personal and organizational growth is TOUGH in any environment; and it takes focus, commitment, and a can-do spirit to do so effectively. 5 Leadership Keys Here are five key leadership keys to use when planning for […]