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Are Your Mornings hurting or helping You?

Every morning, the sun rises in the east and illuminates a new day. The world begins anew…and so do you! Given that gentle reminder, what have you been doing with your mornings (your first opportunity every day to make a difference)?

Brian Goodell Olympic Gold Medalist: Golden Guidelines for Using Effective Affirmations

I’ve had the good fortune to work with some amazing people in my life including some of the greatest coaches and athletes in the world.   Of all the mental toughness techniques I’ve learned, the guidelines below represent a small but very powerful piece of the puzzle of how we can literally change our minds to be more […]

The 3 Most Important Skills If You Want To Be A Leader

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. ~Tom Peters   The success of any organization is contingent on the effectiveness of good managers and good leaders. The difference between managers and leaders is that leaders provide direction, inspiration, encouragement, and discipline; and they are very good at developing their team members. In the meantime, […]

12 Proven Keys That Will Make You Achieve Greatness, Part 1 of 3

Recently I shared with you some of the paths to greatness and why being a great person matters to your business. (See Why Greatness Matters to Your Business and Life) Now it’s time to start on your own path to achieving greatness. Here are the first four of the 12 proven keys that will make you […]

Why Greatness Matters to Your Business and Life

If you’re reading this, you’ve identified yourself as a leader, an entrepreneur and/or a high achiever. You’ve likely amassed decades of experience in your industry and count yourself as highly skilled. But are you great? What does it take to be a truly great person? And why does it matter to become a great person? […]

10 Tricks To Eliminate Procrastination From Your Life

We’re bright people, right? We know what we should be doing, so why aren’t we doing it? Left unchecked, procrastination can lead to all sorts of problems and the longer we defer a pressing task, the guiltier we feel. For many of us, procrastination is our kryptonite. Generally, there are three reasons why we procrastinate:

Steve Smith: My 3 Steps for Playing in Your Zone and Achieving Professional Excellence

Playing in your zone is a wonderful place to be. It’s those moments when everything is not only going right but it feels effortless. It’s as though you have done it a million times and each time the outcome is better and better. When you are operating in your zone, you are mentally at a […]