The 3 Most Important Skills If You Want To Be A Leader

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. ~Tom Peters



The success of any organization is contingent on the effectiveness of good managers and good leaders. The difference between managers and leaders is that leaders provide direction, inspiration, encouragement, and discipline; and they are very good at developing their team members. In the meantime, managers maintain the course and execute the strategy developed by leaders.

In every organization it’s important to identify managers with leadership potential and to grow them into great leaders. Potential leaders possess a skill set that, if used correctly, allows them to

achieve consistent, positive results for themselves and their team.

  • It Starts from Within
    Leaders manage themselves effectively and they’re comfortable with the role they play within the organization. Self-management entails a clear understanding of the impact of your behavior on the people around you.

    You need to manage yourself before you can start to manage the people that you are responsible for. Managers that are uncomfortable with the role that they play are unable to lead effectively.

  • Intuition and a Passion for People are Essential Ingredients
    Leaders can adapt their style of communication, inspiration, and management to any given group of people or type of task. Businesses employ workers with various skill levels and it’s crucial that the style of management is adapted to the level of skills within the workforce.

    In addition, leaders are managers that develop new leaders. Leaders are passionate about sharing ideas, insight, skills and power with those around them.

  • Communication and Support
    The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a non-negotiable requirement. Leaders create a culture within the business where information is shared freely and not withheld for personal gain.

    Furthermore, leaders need to be accessible and people should not be afraid to share bad news. Good leaders know the needs of the people that they are responsible for, and they provide the team with solid support.

In essence, leaders create a culture where people are encouraged to take risks and learn from mistakes.

Strong leaders are an essential ingredient in any business and the development of leaders should be encouraged. Fortunately, leadership skills can be learned and managers with potential can be developed into great leaders over time.

Do you agree with this checklist? Are a Manager or a Leader? Let me know in the comments below.

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