12 Proven Keys That Will Make You Achieve Greatness, Part 1 of 3

Recently I shared with you some of the paths to greatness and why being a great person matters to your business. (See Why Greatness Matters to Your Business and Life)


Now it’s time to start on your own path to achieving greatness. Here are the first four of the 12 proven keys that will make you achieve greatness (if you implement them!).

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To get the most from these steps, have a notebook handy to complete the action items for each step. OK, here are the first four:

1. Become more self aware. The first step to being a truly great person is to notice our current behaviors. How we react to stress or cope with loss, how we deal with anger and treat people we love all play a role in emotional development. The only way to make an improvement is (1) to notice the behavior and how it affects us and the people around us; (2) reflect on how it can be improved, and (3) make the necessary changes. Remember, change cannot occur until you know what the behavior is.

Ask yourself: How do I deal with challenges and stress? What am I resisting and why? How can I improve these behaviors?

2. Set goals for yourself. I believe in setting powerful goals and more importantly, writing them down. I’ve developed a comprehensive tool to help you see where you are and where you want to go over time. I call it the “Whole Health Spider Graph” as it measures the eight key areas of life that need attention. And they are all connected! (like a spider’s web.)

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Doing this exercise will open you to your introspective side and help you understand yourself in the areas of physical, financial, professional, leisure/fun, mental, spiritual, family and friends. The graph also encourages you to set SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals in each area.

Plan to spend about 60 minutes to complete this the first time, and then post it where you can see it every day. Schedule time to repeat the process each quarter to see your progress over time.

Ask yourself: How do I rate myself in the eight areas? Where have I improved? Where do I need to improve? For example, is there a relationship I’d like to improve? Do more for the environment? Learn a new skill?

3. Find role models. Role models are a great source of inspiration; their stories make us feel strong when times are tough. Your role models could be someone you know, such as your boss, a celebrity, a politician, or a historical figure. It doesn’t matter who it is, only that he or she resonates with your hopes and goals. Reflect on their stories, heed their action, and learn from their mistakes.

If you identified in step #2 any areas where you’d like to see significant growth, choose role models in that area. Read their books and biographies. Learn about their struggles. It will prepare you for the road ahead.

Ask yourself: Who are three possible role models for me? What attributes do they have that inspire me?

4. Learn to love yourself. Before you can learn to love others, you have to love yourself. It sounds squishy, but it’s very important. I’m not talking about vanity or being self-absorbed. I’m talking about the kind of love that accepts you for the person that you are. Start telling yourself you’re kind, compassionate and worthy of love and success. Learn to stop criticizing yourself and appreciate your own talents and features. The more hostile you are towards yourself, the more hostile you will be towards others. The more understanding and kind you are to yourself, the more you will be towards others. And that’s a big key to being great.

Ask yourself: What is my internal dialog? Would I want to treat others the way I treat myself?

I’m going to stop here for now. These first four keys are big steps on your path to greatness, so take some time now to work on them and begin to incorporate them into your life.


Are you ready to start on your own path to achieving greatness? I’d love to know your answers and thoughts, so please comment below.

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