Using FLASHPOINTS for achievers daily journal to have your best year ever in 2015

Learn how to use the FLASHPOINTS for achievers daily journal to have your best year ever in 2015.

Using FLASHPOINTS for achievers to have your best year ever in 2015 Larry Broughton yoogozi

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Larry Broughton: Hi, I’m Larry Broughton and I’m the author of FLASHPOINTS for Achievers. I’m here with Dave Braun and we’re doing a few recordings today to help us wrap up 2014 and launch 2015, so it will be the best year ever in our lives. Dave, I recognized several years ago that I was just kind of meandering around in life. I wanted to do great things, but frankly I wasn’t living a life with intentionality, if you will.

I started writing these FLASHPOINTS weekly for myself more than anything else. I started sending those out to what was then just a small tribe and it grew pretty substantially. At one point somehow marketing maverick Donny Deutsch got a hold of these things. I was on his show on CNBC a couple of times. He’s the first one who said, “Larry, you know you got to put these great things into a book.”

Then Darren Hardy, the publisher at Success Magazine said the same thing to me. For those who have followed me for any length of time you hear me say this all the time, that if you hear two or more high achievers say the same thing, you need to listen. You need to start doing something with it, between Donny Deutsch saying this and Darren Hardy and a bunch of other people; I’d walk into people’s offices, and including frankly your bride-Cheryl’s, and see these things taped up on the bulletin boards and say how helpful these things have been.

Finally with your help Dave, we put these things into a book format to help people get very intentional with these things. What I do, and you do this now Dave as well, is every morning, part of my morning routine, I get up before I check email, before I make any phone calls I get intentional with my life. That is, I do prayers, meditations, readings, and journaling. That’s been powerful for you as well?

Dave Braun: Oh absolutely.

Larry Broughton: How has that helped you in the past year?

Dave Braun: I’ve been doing it all in 2014 actually since week eleven. The previous video talked about some specifics, but one of the great things it’s done, check out that video if you want some more details, but one of the great things it’s done for me in 2014 and going into 2015 is it’s given me some ideas and thoughts that I’ve written down throughout 2014.

Normally I would’ve lost those, but since I’ve had them in this journal, I’ve written just about every day, I’ve got a really great basis to go into 2015 with some things that I may not have known that I needed to work on if I hadn’t done it all through 2014.

Larry Broughton: The great thing I like about this FLASHPOINTS for Achievers being a journal, is whether you start on January 2nd, or you start June 2nd you can pick up anytime of the year.

Dave Braun: Absolutely.

Larry Broughton: Let’s say that you started mid-year, kind of like week eleven like you did, you can keep right on going through the following year. I think that this kind of journaling that we do with these FLASHPOINTS for Achievers is that it’s like watching a movie. The tenth time you watch a movie, like Home Alone, you pick up something on the tenth time that you didn’t pick up the first, second, or third time that you saw it, right?

Dave Braun: Yes.

Larry Broughton: Like if you’re reading a passage from the Bible or anything else, the more you look at it the more tidbits and nuggets of wisdom that we can gather from these things. The format of FLASHPOINTS for Achievers Daily Journal is this: Monday through Friday we have an inspiring message; it’s about a hundred and thirty words. It’s going to help you transform the way you think about yourself, the way you think about your team. Because the truth is we need to get this negative chatter that’s in our heads, we need to flush that out with some positive mental imagery and some intentionality.

Then on Saturday we take an opportunity to reflect back on the week. What have we done? What did we say we were going to do? And it gives us an opportunity just to review how we’ve done. It’s basically an AAR, an After Action Review. Then Sunday we get real intentional and we plan the week ahead. So with Sunday through Saturday now taken care of you can go out and actually live a life of significance.

So go to download the free version of this thing and join us on this life of significance by getting intentional and starting each day with your FLASHPOINTS for Achievers Daily Journal. Also on you’re going to find other nuggets of inspiration to help you on your entrepreneurial on leadership journey. Go do something significant today, go get ’em.

Your Best Year Ever with FLASHPOINTS for achievers daily journal

Have you used the FLASHPOINTS for achievers daily journal? I’d love to hear how it’s making an impact on you, or what I can improve on the next time. Just Let me know in the comments below.

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