Using 2014 to Power your 2015

This is a great video to learn how to use the FLASHPOINTS daily journal from 2014 to power your 2015.

Using 2014 to power your 2015 Larry Broughton yoogozi

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Larry Broughton: Welcome back. Hey, I’m blown away, Dave, that we’re at the end of 2014. Oh, my gosh, 2015 is just a whisper away.

Dave Braun: That’s right.

Larry Broughton: I’m excited about that, because 2015 is going to be my best year ever.

Dave Braun: Mine, too.

Larry Broughton: If you’ve been on the Flashpoints journey with us during the past year, then I’m sure you’re excited about it, as well. If you have no idea what the heck it is that I’m talking about, I’m Larry Broughton. I’m the author of Flashpoints for Achievers Daily Journal and before I go any further, I want to thank my business partner and friend, Dave Braun for helping me get this thing across the finish line.

Dave Braun: You’re welcome.

Larry Broughton: We were talking earlier today that the past year has been transformational for you, as well.

Dave Braun: Yes.

Larry Broughton: Going on the Flashpoints journey and I think you started with week 11, you were saying …

Dave Braun: I did.

Larry Broughton: … and you learned some lessons as you got to week number 52 and started reflecting back on the past year. Share that with me, if you don’t mind. I think it’s so powerful for our viewers.

Dave Braun: Absolutely. I started on week 11, like you said and the reason is because that’s when the book came out, that was the end of the Uprising Conference, which was awesome in itself and just this last week was the end of week 52 for me. I’m a tiny bit ahead, but I got to the end of the week and I said okay, well what’s next? Then I thought I’ve got so many lessons in here that I’ve learned through self-reflection that I didn’t want to lose them. A perfect way for me to do that was to take a look at the Saturday days, which is the day of reflection that I’ve done over the last year, I guess week about 40 of them, and then see if I saw anything common between what I had done, accomplished and some of the things that I wanted to accomplish, but I didn’t accomplish.

Larry Broughton: It’s funny. We’ve got to stop sometimes and really figure out. We’ve got to get intentional about our weeks and that’s why Flashpoints for Achievers Daily Journal is broken up this way. Monday through Friday, we have 130 word FLASHPOINTS to inspire us, to transform us, to help us lead ourselves and our organizations. Then Saturday, we take a day and reflect back on the week and then Sunday we get a day of intentionality and we say here’s what the next week is going to look like. What did you learn as you went back and reflected on all these Saturdays, what did you find out?

Dave Braun: I just wrote down on a piece of paper, actually sitting on the chair with the cat in my lap, she really was. It was fun. It’s hard, but that’s why it’s chicken scratch. Some of the things that I wanted to do I didn’t get done, but other things that I did get done and I was proud of and I think it’s important to do both, but what I found was a common theme throughout. Not one theme, but certain areas that I had brought up in multiple weeks and I just circled them. I think what I’m going to do with those is I’m going to bring those forward into 2015 as areas that I need to work on, because if they were present in my mind throughout the whole year more than once then obviously that’s something that I really ought to take care of.
One of the things that I found, for example, was to celebrate more. That’s one of the things that I just, I don’t do and I think high achievers generally don’t do that and I want to do more of that in 2015.

Larry Broughton: I think we have to stop and celebrate from time to time, because as high achievers and as leaders sometimes, we just move on to the next challenge and charge the next hill. That drains us, because we end up just beating ourselves up for those things that we didn’t get done and we can actually get pretty demoralized. I love this idea that you’ve got to take these things that you recognize that you didn’t get accomplished in 2014, put those on your hit list for 2015 and it reminds me of what we ought to be doing every time we launch a new marketing initiative, we launch a new product or we bring out a new team member and that is an AAR – After Action Review. What did we do right, what did we do wrong and what are you going to do to improve it next time? One thing that you can do if you don’t want to go to Amazon and get this book, you can go to and you can get this as a free download. Just put your email address in and we’ll give you a free PDF version.

Dave Braun: That’s right.

Larry Broughton: I personally like carrying this thing around with me, but you can get the free PDF at and frankly, go to, because we have tons of bite sized nuggets of transformational tools on leadership, entrepreneurship and significance.

Dave Braun: Including this video.

Larry Broughton: Including this video. So thanks so much for joining us. Go out and do something significant today…go get ‘em.

Using 2014 to power your 2015

Does it make sense to use your 2014 journaling for 2015? Maybe for you it’s simply time to just start journaling? Let me know how you journal in the comments below.

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