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Deanna Won: My 3 Lessons in Courageous Decision-Making

How do you gain the courage to make those truly tough decisions in life? Before you can successfully make those decisions, how do you gain the inner awareness to become authentically who you are? How do you learn to truly love and accept yourself and where you are in life? How do you experience peace […]

Why Integrity Is Important to Enduring Success as an Entrepreneur

When people try to identify what makes entrepreneurs so special compared to the “followers” in business, they usually list off traits like creativity, drive and independence. These elements certainly matter, but there’s another trait that just might trump everything else for success. Integrity. Here are five reasons why integrity is so important:

Kim Bischoff: My Top 3 Tips for Creating a Great Company Website

As a sales writer and online marketer, I see a lot of websites. Some websites really connect with customers, drive sales, and keep people coming back. But too many websites just sit there without generating any interest or sales. Your company website is your 24/7 salesperson, so getting it right is the difference between growing […]

Gratitude: A Proven and Easy Way to Improve Yourself

Have you ever been forced to work with, or be around a dour and pessimistic person? It’s not a very fun or attractive experience, is it? Don’t be that person! Most top performing leaders and entrepreneurs have developed the habit of planning for the worst-case scenario for their teams or organization. But few of us actually […]

Are Your Mornings hurting or helping You?

Every morning, the sun rises in the east and illuminates a new day. The world begins anew…and so do you! Given that gentle reminder, what have you been doing with your mornings (your first opportunity every day to make a difference)?

5 Smart and Proven Ways Leaders Sharpen Their Minds

As a leader, your mind is your powerful tool. Your muscles won’t help you figure out what your target market is, or how you should innovate your product. It’s up to your brain to get things done, so it’s in your best interest to keep it sharp and flexible.

How to Avoid These 3 Entrepreneurial Mistakes

Avoid These 3 Entrepreneurial Mistakes

Succeeding as an entrepreneur will be one of the most difficult and challenging propositions of your life. Too often people get started without taking the time to understand the steps involved in launching their venture, which usually leads to significant missteps, broken hearts and broken bank accounts. They make easily avoidable mistakes and become discouraged.