7 Quick Tips for Building an Elite Team

A gaggle of people does not a team make. Transforming that gaggle into an elite team takes time, dedication and some tough decisions.

7 Quick Tips for Building an Elite Team yoogozi

Tips for Building an Elite Team

Here are 7 quick action-oriented tips to get you on the right path:

  1. Be friendly to everyone.  Be sure to dish out plenty of dignity and respect, and you’ll find others will follow your lead.
  2. Tell them everything. And expect them to tell you the same. Shared knowledge builds loyalty and trust.
  3. Practice Pulitzer Prize plagiarism: Steal ideas only from the best, and surround yourself with people who are bolder and brighter than you.
  4. Invest heavily in loyalty. If team members know that you’re always loyal to them, they’ll give you the same in return.
  5. Realize that fairness (not cleanliness, nor sameness) is next to godliness.
  6. Never be too busy to laugh. Nothing gets people through a crisis like a good laugh – and a leader that’s willing to enjoy it with them.
  7. Know thyself—and build your team based on goals and objectives to be accomplished, as well as on individual strengths, motivation, integrity and capacity.

Have you had the pleasure of being part of a high-functioning team? Have you ever found yourself part of a highly dysfunctional gaggle? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about this below.

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