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The Importance of Brain Flushing with the Positive

In our first yoogozi teaching video, filmed in the kitchen of the broughtonHOTELS offices, I talk about brain flushing and the importance of it. The entire transcript is included so if you want to read rather than watch, go for it!

The Importance of Brain Flushing with the Positive yoogozi

At our last Mastermind I was talking to our group about the importance of the positive mental attitude that we have every day because you know, most of us our raised with some negative chatter in our head. We’re not good enough, we’re not smart enough, we’re not tall enough, we’re not thin enough, we’re not fat enough, we’re not white enough or we’re not black enough. Whatever it is we get all this negative chatter into our heads and we just psyche ourselves out.

Sometimes it gets so bad that we don’t think that we are worthy of success. We don’t think that we’re worthy of Read More →