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3 Critical Insights on Your Plan B

No plan, especially a Plan B, survives contact with the enemy! So, stop waiting for the perfect team member, flawless marketing plan, or ideal market conditions.

3 Critical Insights on Your Plan B yoogozi

I was recently asked, by a young woman, during a Q&A session if it’s “better to have an ‘A-Team’ with a ‘B-Plan’, or a ‘B-Team’ with an ‘A-Plan.’”

At first I thought I was thrown a brainteaser, but once I figured out what it was she was asking, the answer seemed fairly simple.

Your Plan B

Here are the facts:

There’s no such thing as a perfect A-Plan: The truth is that the perfect plan is a myth…it just doesn’t exist. Read the book Getting to Plan B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model by John Mullins for plenty of examples of organizations (like Google, PayPal & Starbucks) who remained flexible, responded to changing market conditions, moved quickly to Plan B, and survived (albeit, in a different incarnation than originally planned), rather than dying the common death of many organizations who drive their perfect original plan right off the cliff.

Most military veterans have heard the old adage, “No plan survives Read More →