Why Veterans Miss War

Is it the adrenaline-laced moments of the firefight, or is it the opposite of war that is missed? Could it be that what’s really missed is the feeling of brotherhood and connection?

Why Veterans Miss War

An attempt to answer Why Veterans Miss War

Sebastian Junger has been covering wars as a journalist for more than twenty years, and has been down range, witnessing some of our country’s bloodiest battles, more often than most of our uniformed service members. As the Director of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Restrepo,” Junger attempts to answer the question, “Why veterans miss war?”

Since our military veterans are entering the work force, moving into civilian leadership positions, and starting businesses at a greater rate than we’ve seen in generations, it’s important we all gain a little perspective from someone who’s been able to keep a foot in both the civilian and the combat veteran camp. I hope and pray you’ll watch this emotional, gritty video from Junger’s talk at TED in New York, January 2014.

I found Junger’s description of brotherhood to be spot on, and absolutely moving.

Were you able to glean any insight from Sebastian’s description of war, its veterans, or the psychology of those who fight for us? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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