How to Take Control of Every Situation

Wondering how to take control of every situation?

It’s a simple equation. When the stinky stuff hits the fan; when things aren’t going your way; and when the world is conspiring against you, remember this:

C + R = O
how to take control of every situationCircumstance + Response = Outcome

CIRCUMSTANCES swirling out of control will sneak up on us no matter how well we prepare. It’s this fact that spawned the popular saying among the military that, “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” When unexpected events occur, the only control we have is how we RESPOND.

In our moments of confusion, frustration, fear and doubt, it’s our response and actions that have the most direct and meaningful impact on the outcome of the situation.

Watch this video below:

So do you want to control the outcome of a strange or odd situation?

Control your response to it!

Have you ever witnessed a situation similar to that portrayed on the escalator in the video?

Have you experienced a surprising or seemingly uncontrollable situation where you consciously altered your response to better serve the outcome?

I’d love to hear about it by leaving a comment below.

  • Jennifer Ramos

    Thank you for so often posting what I need to hear. I was in a situation just like that guy, and I am afraid I may have walked down the escalator instead of up, but at least I didn’t stand there telling like an idiot. 🙂 Soon I will have lots of time to explore the whole mall & find the best stores to shop in. I haven’t figured out if it’s a good thing or not yet. I am just going to enjoy my Friday and focus on my future tomorrow.

    • Larry Broughton

      I’m glad the messages are resonating, Jennifer.

  • Joelle Osias

    Funny! This would have been an easy fix: walk up the stairs! I have had all sorts of crazy situations when I managed 5 Shopko stores, from having to evacuate the entire store in the dark when the power went off, to dealing with theft when my security people were not there, or a lady passing out and hurting her head. I have even helped unload trucks on Sunday to surprise the manager in charge on Monday. I enjoy managing crisis, including in my own personal life. I find it challenging. One just needs to pose sometimes, assess the situation, and make the best decision. When overwhelmed, take a break, and recharge your batteries: it’s better than to lose your sanity. LOVE the C + R = O ~Thank you ~

    • Larry Broughton

      Thanks, Joelle…i’m glad you like the equation!

  • Joelle Osias

    I was thinking about this again, and this particular situation is what you would call “drowning in a drop of water” – Has it ever happened to me? YES, LOL! I have no sense of orientation, and it still puzzles those who know me to this day. When I move, I can’t find my way home for a week or so. A new job? Same thing! Growing up in Europe, I don’t understand N, S, E, and W. In the woods, trees are trees. They all look the same to me. Just yesterday, I spent 5 minutes looking for my car on the grocery store parking lot. I have had to have security drive me in the mall’s 5 level parking lot to find my car before. I have not figured out how to overcome this particular challenge yet, and I am forever grateful for the GPS invention!!

  • Steve Smith

    Larry, if this weren’t so real it would be laughable. I’m amazed at how people will alter they’re normal reaction to situations when they are amount others as opposed to being by themselves. I have done similar things thinking a different response was needed when I might have taken a simple course of action to resolve a situation.

    • Larry Broughton

      Yes, i get this, Steve…this little, powerful exercise is like any muscle…the more we practice this, the easier it gets.

  • David Braun

    Great equation! Maximizing my response will yield the best outcome no matter what the circumstance is.

    I’m wondering if it can be thought of as a feedback loop. In other words, sometimes, it’s
    (Previous_Outcome x Factor) + Circumstances + Response = Outcome

    Meaning part of our previous outcomes will affect our new outcomes.

    An example might be a particular financial outcome is going to be affected by some of our other outcomes of how much we save, earn, etc.

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