2 Simple Secrets That Will Transform Your Life

How can starting your day with Intentionality change your life? In this short clip, Larry will teach you two simple secrets that will help you develop a positive point of view in life and create a positive impact on the lives of others.

2 Simple Secrets That Will Transform Your Life

Have you experienced already being frustrated early in the morning? Do you dread the traffic on the way to the office to the point of swerving someone off the road? Life is full of inevitable things that might leave you angry and frustrated about everything. You start thinking how your life is more significant than others’.

A lot of people have been there. And they found themselves missing out on the little miracles that every day brings.

Is it possible to turn things around and have a more positive view on life? Yes.

Here are 2 Simple secrets that will transform your life for the best:

 1. Start your day with Intentionality.

Try sitting down at a quiet corner of your house for 7 minutes first thing in the morning. You can meditate or pray, whatever you’re comfortable with. Get in touch with your inner self. Tell your heart how your day is going to be.

This short 7 minute meditation will transform the 24 hours you’re about to face. You will be beaming with positivity which people around you will find attractive and energizing.

 2. Write a Gratitude Journal

Before you go to bed, list down all the things that you’re thankful for. Remind yourself of the things and the people that makes your life better. Then take it to a personal level, write down how you’re grateful for all the positive ideas you’re having. You can even write down how thankful you are for the mop of hair on top your head.

In doing these 2 simple things, your life can be transformed and your actions can become transformational to the people around you.

Challenge yourself. Start your day with intentionality and end it with thinking great thoughts. Fill your life with Positivity.

Do you want to develop a more positive point of view in life? Which of these simple secrets do you want to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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